Jungkunst 2021 in Winterthur…we took our place…

...they didn’t like it but we stayed anyway because we weren’t sponsored by ubs bank like the organizers of the exhibition but they couldn’t censor us and we become part of the „party“

Art Basel 2021

Basel by Night at Claraplatz 2021, just next to the excellent vean restaurant „verde“ and the moon club

„ Engadina Art Marathon“

prepare our next journey to Val Engadina June 2021

…playing with shadows…

Selina Lohe works for our „Germann Auction House“ presentation in Zurich

Bad Ragartz triennale we relax in the nature before the exhibition

Susch was an important transit point for valuable goods such as wine and salt, the bronze sculpture is done by Tim G. Steiner

Val Engadina the last frontier of Switzerland.

artexpo, hiking, artexpo, hiking, artexpo… Engadina Art Marathon by…

Selina Lohe connecting architekture with art at Muzeum Susch

Zurich Art Weekend 2021 at Löwenbräukunst Contemporary Art Center